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Our Services

Dog Canine Agility Classes Portland Oregon City

Agility - Fun or Competition
private or group sessions

Agility is a team sport, where you and your dog work together to negotiate an obstacle course. Agility training builds confidence and enhances overall communication between you and your dog in a positive, dynamic way. We offer a full range of classes, both group and private, from novice to expert. For those interested in agility competition, we offer advanced training and preparedness courses.

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Companion Obedience
private sessions followed by small group doggy socials

No matter what age or experience level (of you or your dog…) it’s never too soon to start obedience training with Family Friend Dog School. Our classes will show you how to teach your dog good habits, basic commands, and the best way to interact with people and other dogs,  using positive reinforcement to create a healthy, lasting bond.

Dog Canine Puppy Foundation Manners Obedience Classes Portland Oregon City

Puppy Foundation and Manners
private sessions followed by small group doggy socials

Puppies are a lot of fun. But they don't usually come with a lot of self-control. From chewing, nipping, and jumping, to door manners and potty training, we teach basic skills and commands to help puppies learn boundaries and expectations, using nothing but positive reinforcement and appropriate reward methods.

Behavior Problem Solving Classes Consultations Portland Oregon City

Behavior and Problem Solving
private sessions only

We work with you to analyze and understand the root of your dog's undesired behaviors, and then develop appropriate training solutions that constructively refocus the behaviors in ways that allow your dog to coexist happily within your family. Typical behavior issues we work with include inappropriate arousal and/or aggression with other dogs, resource guarding, destructive behavior (including toilet paper obsessions) ;-) ignoring commands, and managing multi-dog households.

Doggy Doggie Dog Canine Social Training Get Together Classes Play Time Portland Oregon City

Doggy Socials
current and past students only

All dogs need to learn that good manners are not optional, whether in public or at home. Doggy Socials are offered to current and past students to help expand or refresh skills in a fun and varied environment. Each session accommodates up to 20 dogs for 90 minutes, with close supervision and monitoring. The first hour is organized obedience; activities include a variety of distractions, games, and proper meet-and-greet manners. The last half hour is play time, separated into play groups based on dog size and play styles when appropriate. Our Doggy Socials allow you and your dog to fine-tune the training techniques you've learned.

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