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Frequently Asked Questions

do i have to participate in the training, or can you just train my dog?

Everything we do at Family Friend Dog School and Agility Place is about owner participation. Out goal is to teach YOU how to train your dog.

Which of your services is right for me?

This is something I determine in a phone interview as the first step towards working together. We'll talk about your dog, the situation, and your goals, after which I'll recommend a plan to help you achieve your goals. This may require a "layered" approach—if your dog is displaying behavior issues, these must be addressed first. If your dog has no recall, doesn't know basic commands, or can't be managed on a leash, you'd need to address companion obedience before you could begin agility training. 

What is your approach to pet training?

I believe that every dog can be trained once you find what motivates them—whether that's food, toys, attention, or a combination of those things. We'll begin with a phone interview to assess your dog, the situation, and your goals. From there I will recommend a plan to help you achieve your goals—typically a series of classes that builds a foundation towards your goals. I use only positive reinforcements such as clicker training, and/or any of those motivating factors that your dog loves best. I will work with you to demonstrate what your dog is experiencing, and why they're responding the way they are, so you can better understand what is motivating them, and how you can shift that motivation towards something more desirable. Yes, you'll be the one winning the dog training game, but your dog's going to think they're the winner.

how long does it take to train my dog?

There are many variables to this answer. Much depends on how much time you as an owner are willing to spend doing training—short, small, frequent bursts are best... as a lifestyle, not as a one-time effort. Other variables include the breed's instinctual behavior, the dog's history and existing behavior pattens, as well as other pets and stimulations in the home.

Is my pet too old to be trained?

A dog is never too old to be trained, it just might take a little longer to replace long-term undesired behaviors with desired behaviors.

what is your facility like / where is it located?

The Arena:  We train in an enclosed, covered, and lighted 60x100' arena featuring a surface of mixed sand, dirt, and fine wood chips for running and training. There is a heated bathroom on site. The arena itself does not have heating or cooling capabilities, so be sure to dress appropriately for the season.

The Training Room: Adjacent to the arena is a separate building where I offer classes inside a heated/cooled 25x40' room, with a foam mat surface for training. This building also has its own bathroom.


These facilities are located on private property in Oregon City; we will provide the address in your confirmation email once you are scheduled.

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