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Get Registered

STEP 1: submit an intake form

The fastest way to get started is not a phone call or an email message. Instead, start by filling out the following (PDF) Intake Form. This is an interactive electronic form:  click on the button, download to your computer, open it up, type your answers into each field, and save.


Once it's completed and saved, attach it to an email and send it to the gmail address listed at the top of the form.

STEP 2: initial phone interview

Upon receipt of your information, I'll make every effort to call you during the preferred day/time you indicated on your Intake Form to conduct a phone interview. (Sometimes I can't always match your preferred time if it's during my usual class times; I'll text or email you to coordinate an alternate.)


During the interview, we'll talk about your dog, the situation, and your goals, after which I'll recommend a plan to help you achieve your goals. If you decide to proceed, we'll figure out a schedule that works for you.


Please be advised: I am typically booked out 6 to 8 weeks in advance (most of my clients keep coming back — sometimes for years). I am also happy to put you on a waiting list for any cancellations that come up.

STEP 3: prepare for your session

  • Bring a 6 foot leash — NO flexi-leads allowed. 

  • Bring a martingale collar or a harness with a collar — no pinch collars allowed.

  • Bring a variety of training treats — at least 2 cups of small bites in a pouch or ziplock bag (be prepared to skip your dog's meal before or after class if you use them all).

  • Bring one or two favorite toys — something you can hold in your hand.

  • Bring a supply of poop bags.

  • Either email the following two forms in advance (using the same interactive directions described in Step 1), or print them out and bring to class:

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